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Country Girl
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Girls , Girls , Girls , GET ON MY NERVES!

Yes , I knw that I am a chick and I am probably going against my own Gender by saying this but literally , Girls get on my last effin' nerves!

Now , I am about to write a however-page-long rant about what I think about girls & how they act. Just because I am saying these do not mean that I am implying this to you. I am not targeting any girl in particular (if I do then I will own up to it ) But I am saying that this goes for most of the girl population.

Let the ranting begin.......

So , girls these days are raised based upon Competition. We HAVE to be the prettiest , smartest , the one with the big boobs , the one with the boys hanging around them all the time. It's just the way we think & I will be honest & say that I once thought that.

But I don't anymore.

Most girls that live in my area , wear things that honestly should only be worn in a strip club. They wear shirts that show every bit of chest they got & wear shorts that dang near show their butt. They call it cool.....wanna know what I call it , Slutty!

No girl wants to hang around another girl just because that chicks boobs or butt is hanging out. To be honest , i wouldn't even bother to talk to that girl.

Wanna know why?

I wouldn't wanna be around that type of person.

But here's what I don't get......

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that most girls want to be in a serious, long, committed relationship.  They want the good guy that will treat them like a Princess. Right?

Then why would you wear stuff that makes only the jerks that want to get in your pants attracted to you?

Someone asked me the other day why I dress like a boy ( mainly because I only wear sweat pants, jeans , and guys t-shirts) & I responded with , "It's comfortable & I'd rather have a boy chase me because he wants to know me & have a really amazing relationship than have to chase somebody that would only want me for one night."

The girl that asked me was a slut.

That shut her up.

So there is my point. I am so mad about girls wearing revealing clothes these days. It gets on my nerves so bad.

& If a boy really wanted a girl , then he should have the guts to make sure no other man got her. Not wait it out or nothing.

It just gets on my nerves how effed up society is.

I'm done ranting...... maybe.... I might put a part 2 I don't know xD

Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's See.....

So I haven't really been on here in a while. I'm sure for anyone reading this you were like ....

Mr. Troll sad man over there >>>>..


You're mean.

So I got a tumblr......... and I think it's amazing!

It's addicting.

so if you want my tumblr it's..


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don't Let 'em Say....

When you hear of bullying, what do you think?  Do you think that it's been talked about too much and that it's literally getting too old? Do you think that you're the main cause of bullying because you're mean to everybody? Or do you feel like a Victim?

You want to know what I think of when I hear the word bullying?

I think of the kids that are too scared to be themselves and some to even talk because they know that whatever they do they are going to be judged for it.

I think of the teens that are contemplating suicide because people don't like them.

I think of the tears shed daily and the people trying to hold it in for the sake of being strong.

Flock Society and it's judgemental ways. People should be themselves because that in general, is more beautitful than most gorgeous painting.

Bullying needs to be exterminationed. Slowly fading but being covered in a layer to prevent it from coming.

I'm taking a stand to make sure that I'm not going to be a victim of bullying and the people around me aren't mentally or physically suffering from the virus that has spread across my amazing country.

I'm hoping that there are more people like me, wanting to change the world with one baby step at a time.

There is a fine line between staying strong and having a meltdown and people are flirting with it.

Don't let 'em say that you aren't worth anything because I promise you that you are.
Don't let 'em say that you aren't pretty enough because you're beautiful. God wouldn't have made you if he didn't think you were.
Don't let 'em say that you aren't good enoug because being imperfect is what life's all about.

Perfect is boring.

Need someone to talk to? I'm here. I'll give the best advice I can and maybe make some new friends along the way.

Help me save the world.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'm tired-er than a chicken running away from McDonalds. No joke..

Ive been out shopping all day with my grandma(which I call her Nanny (: ) my mama, and my sister.




Well, I got to spend all yesterday evening with my cousin so WHOOPIE! I was acting all hyper around him and I usually don't do that.

He either thinks I'm weirder or he loves me more :P

I think he loves me more.

Of course he does!

I was dancing to the music he was playing in his truck and he told me that i was too young to dance.


I am the dancing machine. This fat girl..

you know, me? Because I got a little extra fluff..

I got some sick dance moves!!
You should watch me get down!

It's awesome and apparently hilarious because my mama laughs everytime I dance :P

I had my friend Kim with me so ...yeah..

I was pretending to fight with her and my cousin, Tommy, pretended to arrest me.....

since he's a cop.........

and Kim died of laughter!

He actually pinned me against the truck and everything!!

Oh well, I'm going to work with him as a cop one day. He's gonna be my partner in crime!

Tommy and my Daddy don't want me to be a cop because Tommy does dangerous stuff and all that and they really don't want me getting into that.

But if I'm with Tommy then I ain't gotta worry about nothing because he ALWAYS carries a gun and his badge on him.

Someone tackles or tries to shoot me with Tommy around...



I'm funny!

It snowed this morning! :O It only flurried though. I was driving down the road....

well, my mama was driving, I was in the passengers seat..

because you know I'm not old enough to drive....


and i began screaming SNOOOOWWWW!! :D


So yeah I'm so tired that I'm nodding off right here...

in my seat...

on the couch...

next to my mama.........


I should be a comedian but Imma be a cop(:


****No pictures in this presentation sorry, I'm lazy and sleepy!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Christmas(:

Okay, so guess what people?


Like seriously, it's amazing. I've got Microsoft Office Word and a webcam and everything! I am completely and utterly in love with my new Putter! I shall have to put a name on it.



Let me think...........

Hold on a minute..........


I call my best friend Punkin so might as well call my computer that as well. The internet on this is really fast too. Lol awesome!!(;

Wanna know something else?

 Thats my daddy, me (big girl) and my sister!


I love the Webcam but it just doesn't have effects on it. Mama's gonna have to buy it and I don't want her to do that. She's already paid over 300 dollars for this computer and an extra twenty dollars might throw her cheap butt over the edge.

But I love my mama to death for buying me this new computer.

It's all that I could ask for and more.

Anyway, I'm going to go and play more on Punkin! B


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teusday! Ugh, got school

Hello people! I'm really bored right now and my daddy is cooking hush puppies!!! Yay! I love hush puppies and no, their not puppy dogs that my daddy told to shush and then put them in the deep frier. I don't know how to explain what they are but it's like fried bread with onions in it. Sounds gross but trust me, it's delicious! :)

I wrote a new story yesterday, yeah yeah yeah, I'm hoping I don't get bored with it but I really like it. For some reason, It's like the Reading And Writing Mode has been flipped on because I have been reading and writing like crazy since Sunday? I think, it might have been Saturday, no i was down Granny's on Saturday so it was sunday :P

Ummm, Today is Teusday! Yay!! The baby over there is excited so you have to be excited!!! The only thing I'm not exicted about is that I've got to return to school tomorrow. I had last Friday, yesterday, and today off due to Teacher Workdays and Martin Luther King Jr. Day! "I have a dream," That i will not go to school tomorrow but that dream-unfortuntuely-ain't going to happen. I totally spelt unfortunitely wrong and I spelt it wrong again.

How do you spell that word? I just drew a blank! GOSH! I'm usually good at spelling, no wait, I suck at spelling never mind.

The only good thing about going to school tomorrow is I get to see my buds! Yes, i call my friends BUDS! :) I could call them the stupid, crazy, idiots that I hang out with but they might be offended so I'm not going to say that. SHHHH! The girl said don't tell anybody!!

So don't!

She'll kill you!

With a hammer!

At midnight!

No, I'm just kidding.

I'll do it for her!!


The baby is laughing at you!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I'm really bored, can you tell? I get random and hyper when i'm bored. I wish my daddy would let me have the living room TV back so I could return to my country music on the country music channel but NOOOO! HE'S GOTTA FIX MY HUSH PUPPIES!

Hahahaha, I'm weird..

Bye!                       LISTEN TO THE CUTE BABY PANDA!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I don't know why but I have been extremely tired today. Like seriously! Look at the cute puppies!!>>>>>>>>

I've spent the whole entire day(From ten o'clock in the morning to around four in the afternoon) down in another state with my daddy, Granny, my two aunts, my two cousins, two babies, and one six year old!

I love that side of the family so much. Don't get me wrong, i love my mom's side too but My daddy's side treats me like I'm a normal person rather than a baby.

Anyway, I took a picture with one of my cousins that was down there named Tommy. The first picture that we took was just us standing there smiling like idiots, and neither one of us liked that picture.

So we ended up taking a second one with him kissing my forehead :P I love that picture!

I have another picture of my other cousin named Chad(I haven't seen him since Christmas.......Tommy's sister was the one down there today) and I love that one as well :P

I love my cousins.

You know what?

I have so many cousins that I haven't even met them all :O Shocker right? My family is huge! No joke!

You know another what?

I was orginially going to talk about how sleepy I was but ended up talking about my family. Maybe I should rename this post.

I don't know.

So??? What are you guys up too? I don't have any followers on this thing so I don't guess I'm talking to anyone except for myself.

I talk to myself all the time so........

Bye for now!