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Country Girl
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Saturday, January 14, 2012


I don't know why but I have been extremely tired today. Like seriously! Look at the cute puppies!!>>>>>>>>

I've spent the whole entire day(From ten o'clock in the morning to around four in the afternoon) down in another state with my daddy, Granny, my two aunts, my two cousins, two babies, and one six year old!

I love that side of the family so much. Don't get me wrong, i love my mom's side too but My daddy's side treats me like I'm a normal person rather than a baby.

Anyway, I took a picture with one of my cousins that was down there named Tommy. The first picture that we took was just us standing there smiling like idiots, and neither one of us liked that picture.

So we ended up taking a second one with him kissing my forehead :P I love that picture!

I have another picture of my other cousin named Chad(I haven't seen him since Christmas.......Tommy's sister was the one down there today) and I love that one as well :P

I love my cousins.

You know what?

I have so many cousins that I haven't even met them all :O Shocker right? My family is huge! No joke!

You know another what?

I was orginially going to talk about how sleepy I was but ended up talking about my family. Maybe I should rename this post.

I don't know.

So??? What are you guys up too? I don't have any followers on this thing so I don't guess I'm talking to anyone except for myself.

I talk to myself all the time so........

Bye for now!

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