Country Girl

Country Girl
If you got a problem with somebody being Country, then chances are that we won't get along.


I am very passionate about what I believe. I take pride in what I am, where I'm from, what my traditions are, and basically what goes through my teenage mind. If there's something that I don't like-let's say, animial cruelty-then I'm going to do my best to speak up and change something about it. My mind and what goes through it makes up me, and if people don't like it, then I honestly couldn't care less.

I don't care what people say about me if you haven't already figured that much out. So yeah....I'm doing this for a reason, maybe to voice my opinion or to get you thinking seriously about something. You tell me.

I am, also, very passionate about what I want to do in this world. When I get older, I want to become a Female Cop. My reasons are actually reasonable ones.

In my opinion, girls aren't given credit where credit is due. Girls can do things twice as better than guys can but we can look good while doing so. I want to be a Cop-yes, a female can be a cop-because I want to show people that a woman can do a man's job.

Another reason is because I want to save somebody's life. Just walking around knowing, "Hey, I saved somebody from dieing," is enough for me.  I don't care if I get hurt along the way, as long as I've saved one or several other lives then I'm perfectly fine.

I may get damaged or killed on the job but that doesn't scare me. I'll die knowing that I did a good thing and I had a good head on my shoulders.

I do what's right and no body can effect that. Not my father who drinks or not both of my parents that smoke. I do my own thing simply because I can. Yes, I do show respect to my elders and do what my parents tell me within reason.

Respect and trust-for me-is earned, not automatically given.  When I first meet somebody, yeah, I am quiet. Why? I want to know why they act around me and whether they are good, genuine people. I'll get comfortable around them sooner or later but actions speak louder than words, and that's what I base people on.

I won't tell if I like or hate somebody just by looking at them, I'm not judgemental. The only person who has any right to judge on the spot is The Good Lord Himself-no one else has that right. I don't judge but if the person does something that I think is wrong or continually does something wrong then I won't waste my time on somebody that isn't going to be a true friend. It's simple really.

So to end my rant, I am going to give my opinions here. Every post here are contained with my opinions, don't like them? Oh well. That's why they are called opinions.