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Country Girl
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teusday! Ugh, got school

Hello people! I'm really bored right now and my daddy is cooking hush puppies!!! Yay! I love hush puppies and no, their not puppy dogs that my daddy told to shush and then put them in the deep frier. I don't know how to explain what they are but it's like fried bread with onions in it. Sounds gross but trust me, it's delicious! :)

I wrote a new story yesterday, yeah yeah yeah, I'm hoping I don't get bored with it but I really like it. For some reason, It's like the Reading And Writing Mode has been flipped on because I have been reading and writing like crazy since Sunday? I think, it might have been Saturday, no i was down Granny's on Saturday so it was sunday :P

Ummm, Today is Teusday! Yay!! The baby over there is excited so you have to be excited!!! The only thing I'm not exicted about is that I've got to return to school tomorrow. I had last Friday, yesterday, and today off due to Teacher Workdays and Martin Luther King Jr. Day! "I have a dream," That i will not go to school tomorrow but that dream-unfortuntuely-ain't going to happen. I totally spelt unfortunitely wrong and I spelt it wrong again.

How do you spell that word? I just drew a blank! GOSH! I'm usually good at spelling, no wait, I suck at spelling never mind.

The only good thing about going to school tomorrow is I get to see my buds! Yes, i call my friends BUDS! :) I could call them the stupid, crazy, idiots that I hang out with but they might be offended so I'm not going to say that. SHHHH! The girl said don't tell anybody!!

So don't!

She'll kill you!

With a hammer!

At midnight!

No, I'm just kidding.

I'll do it for her!!


The baby is laughing at you!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I'm really bored, can you tell? I get random and hyper when i'm bored. I wish my daddy would let me have the living room TV back so I could return to my country music on the country music channel but NOOOO! HE'S GOTTA FIX MY HUSH PUPPIES!

Hahahaha, I'm weird..

Bye!                       LISTEN TO THE CUTE BABY PANDA!

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