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Monday, December 26, 2011

My Christmas Present

I never expected much for Christmas because in my mind, Christmas wasn't about the gifts. I never gave my parents a long lists of things that I wanted, I just gave a few items that I said I would like to have.

I didn't get much. But I got the best present I think I've ever received on Christmas.

I'm usually not the one to choose favorites but I have choosen who my favorite cousin is. I have so many cousins so if they found out that I was saying this I would most likely be in trouble but I think it's pretty obvious to the family about who my favorite cousin is. His name is Chad and I've been around him my whole entire life. He used to baby sit me and even though my daddy and him don't really see eye to eye, I still try my hardest to be around him.

I got to hang out with him for about two hours yesterday and that was more than I asked for. It had been months since I had gotten to see him and yesterday, I took full advantage of being around him.

We took a couple pictures, talked about everything, and he even wrestled around with me and my sister. (Something else you will learn about me, I'm always tough when it comes to being around boys. I am a good wrestler but the only problem was that Chad runs too fast!)

He compliments me alot. He talked about how pretty I looked in the pictures and how I had pretty hair and all this junk. But what I really liked was when we started talking about college and what I wanted to do.

I want to be a cop when I grow up, to prove that a girl can be tough. I was talking about how I wanted to major in Criminal Justice and then his wife broke in saying how i needed to join some clubs and keep my grades up because the colleges want a well-rounded person. Chad broke in and said that even if I didn't join any clubs and only had good grades, he would go down to the college and tell them about how much i am a well rounded person because he knows me. Then he said that if they still didn't want to accept me, he would smash them upside their head. That was my favorite part of the day.

Before I left to head home, I gave him a big hug, told him that I loved him and he returned the favor with a kiss on my forehead. I told him that I liked his mohawk that he kept hidden under his baseball hat and I said that we had to see each other more often. He said yes, we do and I plainly said that he needed to work on it.

Our conversations that day ranged from my aunts picking around with my mama telling them that they could take the babies home to see what it was like to be a grandparent, but my mama  retailliated(I spelt that wrong) with saying that they would have to take me and my sister with them. My aunt Jalene said that she would take me and my other aunt Debbie said that she would take Megan. Chad butted in and said that he would take me, causing a big smile come across my face.

Yesterday, seeing him was my best Christmas present and I hope that I get to see him more. I barely ever see him because he's busy working and I can never catch a ride down to his house, considering that we both live in different states but it only takes about an hour to get to his hometown. Hopefully, we can see each other more and when I get my licenses, I can see him twenty times more!

So tell me, what was your best Christmas present? 

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